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USA Talk Network wants to always encourage television program viewers and Web site visitors to feel free to contact us at any time. The preferred method of communication is e-mail. We get so many telephone calls and FAXes that we try to minimize these forms of communication. On the other hand, e-mail requests typically get our highest priority.

Here is a list of contacts you can use at any time. If possible, please avoid sending attachments with your e-mail message. Wherever possible, include the text of the attachment in the body of the e-mail message.

Due to computer viruses and related challenges, whenever we receive an e-mail message from a party we do not know and that message has an attachment, the entire message and attachment(s) are unrelated. Please make certain the recipient at USA-TN knows you are sending an attachment and please explain in the body of that message what the attachment contains or is about. Thanks for your cooperation!

  • To contact the show's Producer to point out a problem with one of the programs or with a regular feature or to make a suggestion about how to improve the show send your e-mail to:
  • To contact the show's Product & Service Review Director to suggest something you believe should be reviewed or to become a Reviewer send your e-mail to:
  • To contact this Web site's WebMaster to suggest a correction or improvement send your e-mail to:

USA Talk Network often get requests from viewers to serve as an intermediary with guests. As much as we would like to do so, due to the volume of requests and the privacy we have to extend to our guests, we cannot pass along messages, gifts, or requests to our television show guests. We hope you appreciate the necessity of this policy and understand why we cannot put viewers in contact with our guests. This is not simply due to security concerns but also is based on the privacy every guest has the right to expect. This should not stop you, however, from suggesting topics, guests, and questions for shows you would like to see us do.

Thank you, again, for your interest in the show. We appreciate your support and know the success of our programs is completely due to you, our viewers!